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Films shown during the course

1. 'Handling the Catch': Colour (10 mins) 1962 Illustrates good practice in handling the catch on a distant-water trawler.

Producer and distributor: Central Office of Information Overseas Distribution Section Hercules Road London SE1 7DU

2. 'Cold as Ice': Black and white (10 mins) 1960 Stresses the need for good icing of wet fish in the UK at all stages in the distribution chain.

Producer and distributor: Central Office of Information (address as for 1)

3. 'Freezing Fish at Sea': Colour (14 mins) 1970 Demonstrates good practice in handling, freezing and storing the catch aboard a freezer trawler.

Producer and distributor: Central Office of Information (address as for 1)

4. 'Handling Frozen Fish': Colour (18 mins) 1969 Illustrates bad practices in handling fish before and after freezing on shore and during the distribution chain, and points out ways of improving these practices to maintain quality.

Producer and distributor: Central Office of Information (address as for 1)

5. 'Allibert Plastic Fish Crates': Colour (22 mins) Plastic stack/nest fish crates are shown to have many advantages over wooden and metal boxes. Their use in several French fishing ports is demonstrated.

Producer: The Allibert Co., France
Available from: Film and TV Section
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,
Via delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome
(Film No 282A, FAO Film Loans Catalogue)

6. 'Fish Spoilage Control': Colour (10 mins) 1957 Animated cartoon illustrates the importance of care and hygiene in avoiding bacteriological contamination of fish at all stages of distribution. Correct methods of handling are shown.

Producer and distributor: National Film Board of Canada
Available from: FAO (address as for 5) (Film No 855, FAO Film Loans Catalogue)

7. 'Como se Produce el Bacalao': Black and white (10 mins) in Spanish Demonstrates the production of salted cod in Norway for export to world markets. Shows handling on board fishing vessels, processing stages on shore and transport in refrigerated vessels.

Producer: Toralf Sand, Norway
Distributor: Association of Norwegian Codfish
Available from: FAO (address as for 5)
(Film No 285, FAO Film Loans Catalogue)

8. 'The Key to Cleanliness': Colour (22 mins) Demonstrates potential hazards from bad handling practices in handling foods. Illustrates that microbiological safety can be ensured through proper attention to cleanliness. The film is aimed at improving hygienic standards in food processing factories.

Producer: J Lyons & Co.
Hired from: Guild Sound & Vision
Woodston House
Oundle Road
Peterborough PE2 9PZ

9. 'Fisheries Development on Lake Malawi': Colour (17 mins) 1976. Also available with Spanish commentary. Illustrates co-operation between the Government of the Republic of Malawi, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Tropical Products Institute in a fisheries development project.

Producer: Tropical Products Institute
Distributor: Central Office of Information
(address as for 1)

10. 'Shark Processing in the Caribbean': Colour (13 mins) 1972 Shows part of a UNDP/FAO fisheries development project, aided by Surinam Fisheries Foundation, in which shark are caught, processed and marketed. The shark meat is salted, dried and smoked or prepared as a smoked salmon substitute.

Producer and Distributor: UNDP/FAO
FAO (address as for 5)

(Film No 860, FAO Film Loans Catalogue).

Printed in the United Kingdom for HMSO
(7Z9/90) Dd8973890 3/90 C5 G3390