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close this bookFood Chain No. 17 - March 1996 (ITDG, 1996, 16 p.)
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Peter Robbins. ISBN 0 7494-1627 0. Kogan Page Ltd. 120 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JN, UK. A hardback edition of the book is for sale priced at £40, with a soft cover version at £20 available only to overseas readers, it is an unusual book which concentrates on the markets for some 200 tropical agro-commodities. The first part examines markets and issues such as: pricing, fair trade, trends, and trading in futures. The book then briefly examines the commodities (fruits, vegetables, spices, oils, essential oils, etc.), in alphabetical order. Each commodity is described, and in most cases the quantity traded and price is given. The book finishes with a list of useful contacts, e publication of this book is an attempt by TWIN to disseminate, in a single volume, information which is often inaccessible or unpublished. It should prove extremely helpful to those seeking trade outlets for a wide range of commodities, and to agencies planning agro-based programmes.

Any other queries regarding this book may be directed to TWIN Ltd., 5-11 Worship Street, London EC2A 2BH, UK

TWIN is a trade development organization based in London. It helps organizations of producers in developing countries strengthen their capacity to export their commodities. TWIN does this by working directly with producer organizations, offering advice and training and providing timely and practical information. Assistance includes the development of management administration and marketing skills, and providing advice on planning, market research and trade development. TWIN's programmes involve the transfer of technology and know-how to the South and the familiarization of producers with Northern trading and business practice.

Memina Sanongo, GRET, Rue La Fayette 75010, Paris

The average mother in every country naturally wishes to provide the best nutrition for her child. In developing countries most are faced with two choices; use traditional methods in which the child essentially receives the same as an adult (which usually tends to be low in protein and high in starch) or purchase very expensive imported weaning foods.

This small book explains that small-scale weaning food manufacture is possible using simple, cheap equipment. The products, if formulated with expert advice, are of good nutritional quality, safe and, above all, affordable.

Case studies from Burkino Faso, Congo, Togo, Burundi and Benin are included together with a useful bibliography and contacts list One concern is with the availability of equipment illustrated and how isolated field workers could obtain detailed drawings to allow local fabrication.

A very useful, practical book that with excellent illustrations and simple language. It could warrant translation into English for wider dissemination.