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13-17 november 1996, Rome, Italy

For the majority of the world's poor, lack of food security remains their most serious constraint and leads to a level of suffering and lost potential that no family or nation can afford to tolerate. The World Food Summit being organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) from 13-17 November 1996 in Rome, will provide a forum to assess progress since the World Food Conference in 1974 and to consider future action.

The aim is to raise public awareness and to promote political commitment at the highest level for a global campaign to eradicate hunger and under-nutrition and provide food security for all. A recurring message will be that food insecurity is not just a problem for developing countries but threatens the peace and stability of the world as a whole. There is still a long way to go to complete the mission set forth in FAO's constitution of 'ensuring humanity's freedom from hunger'. Malnutrition and food surpluses, poverty and affluence still coexist. Famines are still not a thing of the past. The World Food Summit will not call for the creation of new structures or financing mechanisms. Heads of state and government will consider and adopt a policy document on food security and a plan for its implementation. Participating countries and their leaders will seek ways of fulfilling their commitment to their respective possibilities

A series of technical background papers is being presented on topics such as global developments since the World Food Conference; the critical role of water in food production and food security; investment in agriculture; lessons from the green revolution; marketing, processing, and distribution; problems of food security and ethics, and the overall socio-political and economic environment for food security, at national, regional and global levels.

A World Food Summit secretariat at FAO headquarters is co-ordinating organization of the meeting and preparations for it Comments and contributions are being actively sought from governmental and non-governmental organizations and others with a demonstrated interest in food security issues.

For information on the World Food Summit please contact either: Ms Kay Killingsworth, Secretary-General World Food Summit Secretariat, FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 00100 Rome, Italy, Tel: +39 6 52252932 Fax: +39 6 52255249, Email:, or B Riordan, 19 Sandymount Avenue, Dublin 4, Tel: +353 1 4668 8188