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Cutting the rice

You can get a better price for paddy if you cut your rice only when It is quite ripea ripe grain makes a crunching noise when you bite it; when the paddy is very clean, without any little stones or weed seeds; and when it is quite dry. If the heads are left on the ground too long, the grains may rot or germinate.

37. It is hard to know the right moment for harvesting.

The right moment to harvest is different for different varieties of rice.

Varieties that grow fast, for example in 4 months, are the first to be harvested.

Varieties that grow more slowly, for example in 5 months, are harvested later.

The right moment for harvesting differs also according to the season, but is usually after the rainy season.

38. Cut the rice when it is well ripened.

Wait until the heads are yellow.

Cut the rice with a sickle. This is the quickest way to do it.

Either cut the stems close to the ground, or cut only the panicle.