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The 14-day method of composting

1. Chop the vegetative materials/plant wastes (dry or green or both).

2. Thoroughly mix these with an equal amount of fresh manure.

3. Pile the mixture into a heap measuring at least 1 m × 1 m × 1 m. (However, 1 m is the maximum height.)

4. Cover the heap with banana leaves or damaged burlap sacks.

5. By the third or fourth day, the inside of the heap should be heated up. If not, mix more manure into it.

6. On the same day (3rd or 4th), turn the heap inside out so that the materials from the center will appear outside and vice versa.

7. Turn the heap every two days thereafter.

8. In 14 - 18 days, the compost should be ready for use.

The 14-day method of composting