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There are at least three kinds of action that the Bank can undertake:

(a) do more projects on integrated early child development in Bank lending program;

(b) support sector work and policy dialogue to assess needs of integrated child services in relation to other public programs and enhance public awareness; and

(c) evaluate conduct research and evaluate programs.

In addition, the Bank should seek to develop and strengthen its partnerships with other international and nongovernmental agencies which have an accumulated experience in developing and implementing early childhood interventions. Among UN agencies, UNICEF has been a leader both in early child development operational experience and in promoting the rights of children. The Bank needs to collaborate with UNICEF to bring people together from various program sectors to formulate an integrated policy towards human resources development, to evaluate studies on cost and financing early child programs, and to provide technical guidance and to analyze, monitor and evaluate integrated early childhood programs. The Bank should also draw on the experiences of bilaterals and NGOs, such as the Bernard van Leer Foundation, Save the Children, the Christian Children's Fund. Within the Bank, awareness of and concern for pivotal role young children play in economic development need to be increased.