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close this bookHundred Tips for a Better Management (Aga Khan Foundation, 1993, 70 p.)
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View the document(introduction...)
View the document1. Don't work harder, work smarter3
View the document2. Spend less time on the phone and more time on your work4
View the document3. Protect yourself from unnecessary interruptions5
View the document4. Use more ways to control the telephone
View the document5. If you ''don't have time'' to get everything done, try this : Set aside a ''magic hour'' each week6
View the document6. Thinking and doing รพ strike a balance7
View the document7. Find out where your time goes; keep a log8
View the document8. Avoid leading time wasters9

8. Avoid leading time wasters9

Want to save time? This list of the fifteen leading time wasters may help you identify where to begin:

1. Telephone interruptions
2. Visitors dropping in without appointments
3. Meetings, scheduled and unscheduled
4. Crisis situations for which no plans were possible
5. Lack of objectives, priorities, deadlines
6. Cluttered desk and personal disorganisation
7. Involvement in routine and detail that should be delegated to others
8. Attempting to do too much at once and underestimating the time it takes to do it
9. Failure to set up clear lines of responsibility and authority
10. Inadequate, inaccurate, or delayed information from others
11. Indecision and procrastination
12. Lack of or unclear communication and instruction
13. Inability to say "no"
14. Lack of standards and progress reports that enable a company manager track of developments
15. Fatigue