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View the document1. Don't work harder, work smarter3
View the document2. Spend less time on the phone and more time on your work4
View the document3. Protect yourself from unnecessary interruptions5
View the document4. Use more ways to control the telephone
View the document5. If you ''don't have time'' to get everything done, try this : Set aside a ''magic hour'' each week6
View the document6. Thinking and doing þ strike a balance7
View the document7. Find out where your time goes; keep a log8
View the document8. Avoid leading time wasters9

6. Thinking and doing þ strike a balance7

Most people tend to spend too much time thinking about work and too little doing it, or the other way around, too much time doing it and not enough planning it.

R. Black, one of the most respected authorities on management, has identified a common denominator for all successful people. They strike a balance between the two. They don't spend too much time on planning or on doing.

If you spend too much time thinking/planning, then keep adding the word THEREFORE to your plans. This will force you to take action: the contract hasn't been signed, THEREFORE, I will find out why first thing tomorrow morning.

If you spend too much time doing, keep asking yourself WHY you are expending all this effort, what is the benefit, is it worth it? Why have I scheduled three meetings tomorrow? What will we accomplish? Are they all necessary?

If you "don't have time" to get everything done, try this.