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Кітапты жабуTraining Programme for Women Entrepreneurs in the Food-processing Industry - Volume II (UNIDO, 1985, 286 p.)
Папканы жабуChapter 2 Vegetable Oil Extraction
Құжатты қарау(introduction...)
Құжатты қарау2.1 Oilseeds
Құжатты қарау2.2 Groundnut/Palm Kernel
Құжатты қарау2.3 Coconut
Құжатты қарау2.4 Palm Fruit

2.1 Oilseeds

(sunflower, safflower, mustard, sesame)



Dried seeds


Store in weatherproof, ventilated room, on pallets to keep sacks off the floor. Protect against insects rodents and birds (Fig. 9).

Clean > soils

Sieve to remove sand, stones that would damage equipment, remove leaves etc. by hand


Small machines available (Fig. 1).

Winnow > husk

Small machines available (Fig. 2).

Heat condition

Not used for mustard/sesame to protect flavour of oil. Others should have moisture content 7-10% and temperature 80-90°C. Skill needed to condition correctly. Seed scorchers (Fig. 3) available.


Pressing 15-20 kg in 20-60 mins (Fig. 4). Expeller 20-50 kg/hour (Fig. 5).


Small clarifier available (Fig. 6).


Pack in lightproof, airtight containers.


Store away from heat, sunlight etc., shelf life 2-12 months expected depending on packaging and storage conditions.