Re: [greenstone-devel] Section and Document Level Metadata Issues

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 05 Aug 2005 09:53:11 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Section and Document Level Metadata Issues
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Hi Mark

This email was a bit spooky. We have never really taked about these
things before, and just on the morning before receiving the email I had
thought about adding parent:sibling, and Michael wanted to do combined
document and section level searching.

So, I have implemented parent:sibling (and child:sibling), and it will
be available in the next release (hopefully next week). Details about
the syntax are at

For the second issue, you can't do document and section combined
searching, but you can modify the perl to index document level metadata
in the sections. I assume you are using mgpp?
in perllib/

On line 272ish change:

foreach my $item (@{$doc_obj->get_metadata ($section,
$real_field)}) {


my @section_metadata = @{$doc_obj->get_metadata
($section, $real_field)};
# Use document-level metadata if none at section-level
if (scalar(@section_metadata) == 0) {
@section_metadata = @{$doc_obj->get_metadata
($doc_obj->get_top_section(), $real_field)};
foreach $item (@section_metadata) {

if you always want doc level metadata to be indexed, then use teh
following line instead of the if statement.

push (@section_metadata, @{$doc_obj->get_metadata
($doc_obj->get_top_section(), $real_field)});

(if you are not using mgpp, then you can apply the same fix to or


Mark Sullivan wrote:
> Greetings,
> We are currently running Greenstone 2. Both of my issues are in regards to
> collections which use the PagedImgPlug-in, and have to do with section-level
> versus document-level metadata. For now, we are using the librarian
> interface to enrich each document's metadata. As I can not modify the
> entire folder, I am selecting the '.item' file in the librarian, and then
> adding metadata to that.
> 1) I am unable to show repeating metadata fields when entering the
> formatting statements for DocumentHeading or DocumentText. I want to show
> the entire citation with each page image. I can reference single fields by
> using the 'parent(Top):dc.Title' type of grammar. However, when I try to
> pair this with the 'sibling' key word, it does not seem to work. That is, I
> can't find any combination of sibling and parent to show ALL of the subject
> fields. I would have thought it would have been something like..
> 'sibling:parent(Top):dc.Subject' or
> 'sibling(All','):parent(Top):dc.Subject'.
> 2) I am looking to get the pages that a phrase of full text appears, but
> want to include book information in the search. That is, I want to find the
> page references for the phrase "Blue-Footed Booby" only in books with the
> word "Species" in the title. It does not appear this is possible, since one
> is a section search, and another is a document search?
> Is there a way to make each section inherit all the metadata from the
> document to relieve both of these problems?
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