[greenstone-devel] Greenstone Version 2.61 Information

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 16 Aug 2005 14:11:47 +1200
Subject [greenstone-devel] Greenstone Version 2.61 Information
Hi everyone

The 2.61 versions of the Export to CD-ROM package and the Language Pack
are now available for download from our sourceforge page:
or via http://www.greenstone.org

In the Greenstone 2.61 release notice, I forgot to mention some
important changes:
- GLI applet now runs on Windows
- GLI interface is available in Latvian, thanks to Raitis Brodezhonok
- The local library will now use your default browser, by default
- HTMLPlug has a new -sectionalise_using_h_tags options, which splits a
document into sections based on <h1><h2><h3> tags, thanks to Emanuel Dejanu
- Lucene collection building is incremental if the -keepold option is set.

Due to stricter argument parsing for the plugin and classifier
arguments, the documented example collections (Apr 2005) no longer build
with Greenstone 2.61. I have updated the sample collection to work with
the new system. For those people who have already downloaded the sample
collections, and want to build them with version 2.61, please download a
zip file of modified config files from
and unzip this in your collect directory.

If you have trouble building your own collections using 2.61, please
check the arguments to plugins and classifiers. Potential offending
arguments are:

-cover_image: cover images are looked for by default now; you can turn
this behaviour off with -no_cover_image
-show_progress: This is no longer valid. (not visible in the GLI, but
visible if you look at the config file directly).
-title in classifier arguments: change to -buttonname
-description_tags for plugins other than HTML: This is broken in the
2.61 release. If you have been using this option for Word, PDF or RTF
plugins, please download a modified plugin from

Please report any other problems you have using 2.61 to the mailing list.

Katherine Don