[greenstone-users] remote greenstone

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Mar 16 12:56:23 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] remote greenstone
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Hi Paul,
Thanks for the log file. Sadly it doesn't tell me any more than the
error messages you've encountered. It does seem to have to do with an
inability to locate Perl on your machine.

1. You're using Windows, aren't you?
2. Using your file browser, locate your perl installation.
In your case, I'd look for it in
C:\Documents and Settings\Paul Bond\Greenstone2\bin\windows\perl\bin
Is there a file called Perl or Perl.<some extension>?
3. See step 4 at
http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Remote_Greenstone and
make sure that the first line of your file gliserver.pl (in C:\Documents
and Settings\Paul Bond\Greenstone2\cgi-bin) is pointing to the location
of where your Perl is installed.

In your case, this might be:
#!C:\Documents and Settings\Paul
Bond\Greenstone2\bin\windows\perl\bin\perl -w

Save the file and try running everything again.
If the above does NOT work, then try the following instead:

1. Open up the file C:\Documents and Settings\Paul
2. Find the line that says
#perlpath /usr/bin
3. Remove the # character at the start (the line will cease to be a
comment and becomes active).
4. Change the path to the *parent folder* of where your perl executable
is. I think you will have to put the path in quotes in your case:
e.g. perlpath "C:\Documents and Settings\Paul
5. Save the file and try running it all again.

Tell us if it didn't work.

p b wrote:
> Hi Anupama,
> The error.log is attached.
> I thought maybe the "perl is not recognized" line meant that it should
> be perl.exe. I tried making that change in the first line of
> gliserver.pl, but it didn't help, so I changed it back.
> Thanks,
> Paul