Re: [greenstone-users] Logging user activity

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 11 Jul 2005 08:40:33 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Logging user activity
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Hi Greg

Setting logcgiargs to true should be enough to log each access of the
library. Are you getting a etc/usage.txt file produced? If not, try
creating an empty file and see if that helps. If not, try restarting
your web server.

I think the logevents bit is just for the collector events, but the
logcgiargs bit is for all page accesses.

Each entry in usage.txt should look something like the following:

/cgi-bin/library [Mon Jul 11 08:34:25 +1200 2005] (a=d,
b=0, b1=0
, b2=0, bc1aboutdesc=, bc1cfgchanged=0, bc1clone=0, bc1clonechanged=0,
ol=, bc1contactemail=, bc1dirname=, bc1dodelete=0, bc1econf=0,
bc1esrce=0, bc1fr
omsrce=0, bc1fullname=, bc1infochanged=0, bc1input=, bc1inputnum=3,
=, bc1tmp=, bcp=, beu=, bft=, bnu=, bp=, bt=0, c=kjdon-pooh, cc=, ccp=0,
cfgfile=, cl=CL2, cm=, cq2=, ct=0, d=, de=, debc=0, dm=, ds=, dsbc=0,
0031-001-0-0utfZz-8-00, el=prompt, er=, f=0, fc=1, fqa=0, fqc=, fqf=,
fqk=, fqn=
3, fqs=, fqv=, g=, gc=0, gt=0, h=dtx, h2=, hd=0, hl=1, hp=, hs=0, ifl=,
il=l, j=
, j2=, k=1, ky=, l=en, m=50, n=, n2=, nl=, o=20, p=about, pc=, pfd=0,
pfe=0, pfl
=0, pld=10, ple=10, pll=10, ppnum=0, pptext=, pw=, pxml=0, q=the, q2=,
qb=0, qf=
0, qt=0, qto=3, r=1, rd=0, s=0, st=1, t=0, u=0, ua=, uan=, ug=,
uma=listusers, u
mc=, umnpw1=, umnpw2=, umpw=, umug=, umun=, umus=, un=, us=invalid, v=0,
, x=0, xx=0, z= "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux
i686; en-U
S; rv:1.7.8) Gecko/20050516"

It just records all the cgi args.

Hope this helps,
Katherine Don

Gregory S. Williamson wrote:
> I have set up a greenstone instance (2.6) on a linux box and have it running satisfactorily. [soon to be annpunced to the world]
> We would very much like to be able to see what material is being accessed, but enabling the logging seems to enable only certain events (running the library executable from a command line, for instance). It doesn't seem to pick up anything about what users are doing in terms of browsing.
> These are snippets from the gsdlsite config file:
> # Set logcgiargs to true to keep a log of usage information in
> # $GSDLHOME/etc/usage.txt.
> logcgiargs true
> # Set usecookies to true to use cookies to identify users (cookie
> # information will be written to the usage log if logcgiargs is
> # true).
> usecookies true
> <...>
> LogEvents AllEvents
> ====
> Reading the documentation does imply that only collector actions are logged, which is consistant (I think) with what I am seeing, so then the question would be, is there any way to log user activity, e.g. what documents are being accessed ? DOes the newest Greestone support this ?
> Thanks for your time,
> Greg Williamson
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