Re: [greenstone-users] Preview error

From Gromik Tohoku
DateSat, 17 Dec 2005 13:07:42 +1100 (EST)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Preview error
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Hi everyone,

To introduce myself, I work in Sendai, Japan and have
just uploaded Greenstone yesterday. Looking forward
to learning more about it.

Today I attempted to build a basic (5documents)
library to see how it functioned. I used the 7steps
in 15minutes at the end of the documentation to try.
Everything worked well until the "preview" moment.

When clicking on the "preview" mode, I got an error
message indicating that "... create an association
with this folder name." Looking back in the
documentation I could not find a solution explanation
for that.

If you have the time could you please guide me in
correcting this error?

nicolas Gromik

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