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From Katherine Don
DateFri, 22 Jul 2005 16:02:07 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] How to delete 3 buttons home,help,pref ...
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Thanh Quy wrote:
> 1>I'd like to delete 3 buttons home,help,pref of pages about, help,
> home, search . How can I do? I'd like to overwrite some macros to do this.
If you want to remove these for all pages, edit macros/ and change
_javalinks_ {_imagehome_ _imagehelp_ _imagepref_ _usability_}
_javalinks_ {}

If you only want to do it for a subset of pages, then for each page
change the _javalinks_ macro to {} (or add if its not already there).

> 2>I define a macro " <>" to generate my page
> "thesis". After building a collection, I'd like my collection will be
> added to my page "thesis" automatically (such as greenstone home page
> demo). How can I do?
If you want all collections to go on the thesis page, just add the
_homeextra_ maccro in to the page. if you only want some collections
added there, you will need to edit the source code.
in src/recpt/pageaction.cpp, the method home_images() sets the
_homeextra_ macro. Perhaps you leave homeextra to have the main
collections, then set another macro eg _thesiscollections_ which
contains html for the thesis collections, then in, use the
_thesiscollections_ macro.
> 3>I'd like to customize search pages of collections. What macros will I
> have to customize?
macros/ (and the language files eg contains the
search page macros.
> 4>I have a banner image, I want to add this image to my thesis page and
> I want to set top margin and left margin of thesis page equal 0. How
> can I do?
The general page style is defined in, in _header_ and other
macros. I think that if you want to change one bit of the style for one
page eg thesis page, then add the macro that you want to change to that
page (, and change it.

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