Re: [greenstone-users] Using Greenstone for a live library catalogue

From Stephen DeGabrielle
DateFri, 4 Mar 2005 23:25:18 +0930
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Using Greenstone for a live library catalogue
I think Koha [] may be a better fit to your needs,
as it is an Integrated Library Management System(ILMS or LMS), where
Greenstone is described as a Digital Library.

I have used Koha briefly but I have only installed it once on a Linux
box, but didn't really get a chance to give it a go. The have a live
demo on the Koha site so you don't have to install to try it out. FYI
the install was pretty easy.

I am assuming when you say 'Live Library Catalogue' you mean the OPAC
or Online Public Access Catalogue, where the users search for books in
your collection?

Greenstone also provides excellent seaching facilities, and these can
also used to set up a simple OPAC as above, and Greenstone also has
the ability to search the full text of a number of different files and
other 'digital objects' as well as records of real objects (books for
instance) across collections of similer or different documents. (I
have a personal greensone collection that includes bookmarks I have
collected, mirrored websites, PDF Files, Images, Sound and Video )

An ILMS like Koha, does not [currently] store and retrieve digital
obejcts or offer full text search, like Greenstone. It DOES have a
Circulation System which is a database of patrons so you can lend (and
track) your books.

If you need to track who has what item in your collection you shoudl
look into an ILMS like Koha, if you just need a Catalogue then
Greenstone is pretty easy to use and you can include other resources
for your users. If you have a small library then it may be easiest
to keep a log book of who has borrowed what, and just use greenston
as an OPAC - you can migrate the data to an ILMS if log book becomes
to hard to manage.

Good luck in whatever you end up doing, and sorry about all the Geeky
Librarian Acronyms.
If you know a friendly librarian or library technician at your local
library they could probably offer more advice on how to manage your



On Fri, 4 Mar 2005 08:10:10 +0200, Preggy Reddy <> wrote:
> Thanks Stephen
> Unfortunately there is no way to get the records in MARC format but I will
> try the Find and Replace method you proposed as well as modifying a plug-in.
> The other option I am investigating is to use Khoa since it is designed
> expressly for automating library functions. Greenstone seems to be designed
> for digitising collections instead of cataloguing. Am I wrong?
> Preggy Reddy, Btech.LIS
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Stephen De Gabrielle