Re: [greenstone-users] Date display question.

From Qiu
DateMon, 16 Apr 2007 09:22:53 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Date display question.
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I've attached the collect.cfg of the collection. Feel free to have a look.


Neal, Rick wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a problem with our Greenstone collection.
> A little history - We hired a company to take our school newspapers,
> process them, and them give them to us in a form that we could then
> put into Greenstone. This worked fine (Ugly but fine). Then came the
> time to put new editions into the collection. The process of adding
> editions never worked. The company decided not to support Greenstone
> (or at least our collection) any longer and told us that they do not
> have anyone on staff to do this type of work.
> The company had parted ways with the programmer who worked on this
> project and I have since been working with him but even he is unable
> to do something that we want.
> This link is to our test collection.:
> What we want is for the dates to display across the top, not down the
> side. As an example, we want to mimic the way this page displays the
> dates:
> <>
> I 'think' this must happen due to something in the collect.cfg file.
> I have tweaked and tweaked all to no avail.
> Would someone mind looking at our collect.cfg (below) and maybe
> suggesting something to try?
> Thanks,
> Rick (a.k.a. Greenstone Rookie)
> Rick Neal
> Library Systems Manager
> University of Richmond
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> #indexes section:text
> #section:Title
> searchtype form plain
> indexes Classification Title Byline Keywords Headline ispage Year
> Month Day Publication text
> levels document section
> plugin GAPlug
> plugin NewsPlug -block_exp (\\d+\\.xml|pdf|dtd|jpg|db|csv)$
> <file://%5C%5Cd+%5C%5C.xml%7Cpdf%7Cdtd%7Cjpg%7Cdb%7Ccsv%29$>
> plugin ArcPlug
> plugin RecPlug -block_exp (pages)$
> #plugin ZIPPlug
> macrofiles
> ##classify AZList -metadata Date -buttonname Browse
> classify DateList -bymonth -nogroup
> #classify DateList
> #classify DateList -sort Number
> #classify AZCompactList -mingroup 1 -metadata Title -buttonname
> DateList -sort text
> #classify AZCompactList -mingroup 1 -metadata Title -sort text
> #classify AZCompactList -mingroup 1 -metadata Title -sort Title
> format DocumentVList '<td>
> {If}{[imagename],
> {If}{[parent(Top):Title],
> {If}{[ispage],
> <!-- page -->
> <img width=1 src="_httpimg_/blank.gif"
> onLoad="setCover(\'[DocOID]\'\,\'_cgiargd_\'\,\'_httpcollection_/import\'\,\'[imagename].jpg\');">
> <a href="_httpdocument_/&d=[DocOID]"
> onMouseOver="showCover(\'_httpcollection_/import/[imagename].jpg\'\,false);">[icon][highlight][Title][/highlight]</a>,
> <!-- article -->
> <img width=1 src="_httpimg_/blank.gif"
> onLoad="setCover(\'[DocOID]\'\,\'_cgiargd_\'\,\'_httpcollection_/import\'\,\'[imagename].jpg\');">
> <a target=pdf href="_httpcollection_/import/[imagename].pdf"
> onClick="shrink(\'article\');"
> onMouseOver="showCover(\'_httpcollection_/import/[imagename].jpg\'\,true);">[icon]&nbsp;[highlight][Title][/highlight]</a>
> },
> <!-- title -->
> <b>[icon][Title] ([Date])</b>
> },
> {If}{[parent(Top):Title],
> {If}{[ispage],
> <!-- page -->
> <img width=1 src="_httpimg_/blank.gif"
> onLoad="setCover(\'[DocOID]\'\,\'_cgiargd_\'\,\'_httpcollimg_/[parent(Top):archivedir]\'\,\'[thumblink]\');">
> <a href="_httpdocument_/&d=[DocOID]"
> onMouseOver="showCover(\'_httpcollimg_/[parent(Top):archivedir]/[thumblink]\'\,false);">[icon][highlight][Title][/highlight]</a>,
> <!-- article -->
> <img width=1 src="_httpimg_/blank.gif"
> onLoad="setCover(\'[DocOID]\'\,\'_cgiargd_\'\,\'_httpcollimg_/[parent(Top):archivedir]\'\,\'[thumblink]\');">
> <a target=pdf
> href="_httpcollection_/index/assoc/[parent(Top):archivedir]/[pdflink]"
> onClick="shrink(\'article\');"
> onMouseOver="showCover(\'_httpcollimg_/[parent(Top):archivedir]/[thumblink]\'\,true);">[icon]&nbsp;[highlight][Title][/highlight]</a>
> },
> <!-- title -->
> <b>[icon][Title]([Date])</b>
> }
> }
> </td>
> <td valign="center">
> <small>
> {If}{[imagename],
> {If}{[ispage],
> &nbsp;<a target=pdf href="_httpcollection_/import/[imagename].pdf"
> onClick="shrink(\'page\');">full page PDF</a>
> },
> {If}{[ispage],
> &nbsp;<a target=pdf href="_httppdfh_&d=[DocOID]"
> onClick="shrink(\'page\');">full page PDF</a>
> }
> }
> </small>
> </td>'
> format SearchVList '<td spacing=2 border=1>
> {If}{[imagename],
> <a target=pdf
> href="_httpcollection_/import/[imagename].pdf#xml=_gwcgi_?a=pdfh&pdfxml=1&qbare=_cgiargqbare_&d=[DocOID]"
> onClick="shrink(\'article\');"></a>&nbsp;</td><td><a target=pdf
> href="_httpcollection_/import/[imagename].pdf#xml=_gwcgi_?a=pdfh&pdfxml=1&qbare=_cgiargqbare_&d=[DocOID]"
> onClick="shrink(\'article\');">[Title]</a><br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;<small>from:
> [link][parent(Top):Title]([parent(Top):Date])[/link]</small>,
> <!-- <a target=pdf
> href="_httpcollection_/index/assoc/[parent(Top):archivedir]/[pdflink]#xml=_gwcgi_?a=pdfh&pdfxml=1&qbare=_cgiargqbare_&d=[DocOID]"
> onClick="shrink(\'article\');"><img
> src=_httpcollimg_/[parent(Top):archivedir]/[thumblink]
> width="205"></a> -->&nbsp;</td><td><a target=pdf
> href="_httpcollection_/index/assoc/[parent(Top):archivedir]/[pdflink]#xml=_gwcgi_?a=pdfh&pdfxml=1&qbare=_cgiargqbare_&d=[DocOID]"
> onClick="shrink(\'article\');">[Title]</a><br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;<small>from:
> [link][parent(Top):Title] ([parent(Top):Date])[/link]</small>
> }
> </td>'
> format CL1 '<td
> valign=top>[link]{If}{[thistype],[icon]&nbsp;&nbsp;[Title],<font
> size=+1>[icon][Title]</font>}[/link]{If}{[Date], - [Date]}</td>'
> #format DateList '<td
> valign=top>[link]{If}{[thistype],[icon]&nbsp;&nbsp;[Title],<font
> size=+1>[icon][Title]</font>}[/link]{If}{[Date], - [Date]}</td>'
> format DocumentImages false
> format DocumentTitles false
> format DocumentButtons 'Highlight'
> format DocumentArrowsBottom false
> format DocumentUseHTML true
> collectionmeta .section:text "full text"
> collectionmeta .section:Title "article titles"
> cgiarg shortname=p argdefault=about
> cgiarg shortname=ct argdefault=1
> cgiarg shortname=c argdefault=bl
> #supercollection cnp cnp3
> receptionist /gsdl_bl/cgi-bin/iarchives?a=p&p=about&c=bl
> OIDtype incremental
> #no_text 1
>greenstone-users mailing list

Type: text/plain
Filename: collect.cfg

# this file must be UTF-8 encoded

public true

indexes document:text document:From document:Subject
defaultindex document:text

plugin GAPlug
plugin EMAILPlug -process_exp "greenstone.*"
plugin ArcPlug
plugin RecPlug
groupsize 200

# note that [ and ] get turned into &#9x; before we remove the prefix!
classify AZCompactList -metadata Subject -removeprefix "((?i:re:|fwd?:|\&#91;greenstone-(users|devel)\&#93;)\\s*)*" -sort Date
classify AZCompactList -metadata FromName -buttonname From -sort Date
# nogroup is a new option since gsdl version 2.41
classify DateList -bymonth -nogroup

# temporary - to work around bug. due to docids starting with digit + '.' ?
format DocumentContents false

format DocumentHeading ""
format DocumentButtons ""
format DocumentArrowsTop false
format DocumentArrowsBottom false
format DocumentGoTo false

##### Format Statements #####
# removed from format strings to prevent listing email addresses - John:
# &lt;<a href="mailto:[FromAddr]">[FromAddr]</a>&gt;

# we use some macros here (_From_, _Date_, _Subject_, and _SearchBySender_)
# that are defined later in this file as collection
# metadata, for language-dependent strings

# for Subjects
format CL1VList '
<td>{If}{[numleafdocs], <strong>[Title]</strong>,
<strong>_From_</strong>: [FromName] &nbsp;&nbsp;(<a href="_httpquery_&amp;q=[cgisafe:FromName]&amp;h=dfr">_SearchBySender_</a>) <br>
<strong>_Date_</strong>: [DateText]

# for From
format CL2VList '
<strong>_From_:</strong> [Title] ([numleafdocs] _Messages_),
<strong>_From_: [FromName]</strong> &nbsp;&nbsp;(<a href="_httpquery_&amp;q=[cgisafe:FromName]&amp;h=dfr">_SearchBySender_</a>) <br>
<strong>_Subject_:</strong> [link][Subject][/link]<br>
<strong>_Date_:</strong> [DateText]

# for Dates
format CL3DateList '
<td><strong>_Subject_: [link][Subject][/link]</strong><br>
<strong>_From_:</strong> [FromName] &nbsp;&nbsp;(<a href="_httpquery_&amp;q=[cgisafe:FromName]&amp;h=dfr">_SearchBySender_</a>)<br>
<strong>_Date_:</strong> [DateText]

format SearchVList '
_From_: [FromName] &nbsp;&nbsp;(<a href="_httpquery_&amp;q=[cgisafe:FromName]&amp;h=dfr">_SearchBySender_</a>)<br>
_Date_: [DateText]

format DocumentText '<h2>[Subject]</h2>
<table width="90%">
<tr bgcolor="#DDDDEE">
<td align="right">_From_</td>
<td><b><a href="_httpquery_&amp;q=[cgisafe:FromName]&amp;h=dfr">[FromName]</a></b>
<tr bgcolor="#DDDDEE">
<td align="right">_Date_</td><td><b>[DateText]</b></td>
<tr bgcolor="#DDDDEE">
<td align="right">_Subject_</td>
_If_([InReplyTo],<tr bgcolor="#DDDDEE"><td align="right">In-Reply-To</td><td>
<a href="_httpdocument_&amp;d=[InReplyTo]">([InReplyTo])</a></td></tr>)
<tr><td colspan="2">[Text]</td></tr>

#### metadata

collectionmeta iconcollection "_httpprefix_/collect/gsarch/images/gsarch.gif"
# each language should have a 'Messages' metadata
collectionmeta .document:text"_Messages_"

# this has already been translated for most languages, for the button
collectionmacro From "_labelFrom_"

### -- English strings --

# these don't have [l=en] because we also want them to be the default strings
# for any language that doesn't have language-specific strings

This is a collection of email messages from
the Greenstone mailing list archives. The collection includes
_about:numdocs_ messages from the beginning of the mailing list in
April 2000 up until fairly recently. The mailing list is used for
communicating with the entire Greenstone team, therefore the content
of the messages is usually global in nature. The mailing list is also
a good way of getting help with problems - someone on the team will
probably be able to help you.</p>

<p> This collection may be useful for finding solutions to common
problems, or simply for tracking the progress of the Greenstone

<p> To subscribe to the Greenstone Users mailing list, please <a

# indexes
collectionmeta.document:From"From fields"
collectionmeta.document:Subject"Subject lines"
# other strings
collectionmacrocollectionname"Greenstone Archives collection"
collectionmacroSearchBySender"search by sender"

### -- French strings --

collectionmacrocollectionextra [l=fr]"<p>
Cette collection de courriels provient des archives de la liste de
diffusion Greenstone. Elle comprend _about:numdocs_ courriels€chan€s
depuis la c€ation de la liste de diffusion en avril 2000 jusqu€ t€s
€cemment. La liste de diffusion est utili€e pour communiquer avec
l€quipe de €veloppeurs de Greenstone, la nature des courriels€chan€s est de ce fait €€rale et utile. L'utilisation de la liste
de diffusion est aussi un bon moyen pour obtenir de l'aide lorsque
l'on rencontre des prob€mes - un membre de l€quipe pourra
certainement vous aider.</p>

<p>Cette collection peut€tre utile pour trouver des solutions aux
prob€mes communs ou tout simplement pour suivre les prog€s du
logiciel Greenstone.</p>

<p>Pour sosucrire€ la liste de diffusion de Greenstone, veuillez <a

collectionmacrocollectionname [l=fr]"Collection des Archives de Greenstone"
collectionmeta.document:From [l=fr]"Champs De"
collectionmeta.document:Subject [l=fr] "Lignes de sujets"
# already translated
#collectionmacroFrom [l=fr]"De"
collectionmacroDate [l=fr]"Date"
collectionmacroSubject [l=fr]"Sujet"
# we don't have a Headers index anymore...
#collectionmacro.document:Headers [l=fr]"Tout en€te"
#collectionmacroHeaders [l=fr]"En-€tes"
#collectionmacroShowHeaders [l=fr]"Montrer touts les en€tes"
#collectionmacroHideHeaders [l=fr]"Cacher les en€tes"
collectionmacroMessages [l=fr]"Messages"
# this translation needs checking
collectionmacroSearchBySender [l=fr]"recherche par ex€diteur"

### -- Spanish strings --

collectionmacrocollectionextra [l=es]'<p>
Esta es una colecc€n de
mensajes de correo elect€nico pertenecientes al archivo de la
lista de correo de Greenstone. La colecc€n incluye
_about:numdocs_ mensajes enviados desde el comienzo de las lista, en
abril de 2000, hasta los €s recientes. La lista de correo es
usada para comunicarse con todo el grupo Greenstone, por lo que el
contenido de los mensajes es usualmente de naturaleza general. La
lista es tamb€n una buena manera de obtener ayuda para
resolver problemas - probablemente alguien del grupo pueda

<p>Esta colecc€n puede ser de gran utilidad para encontrar
soluciones a problemas comunes o sencillamente para seguir el progreso
del software Greenstone.</p>

<p>Para suscribirse a la lista de correos de Greenstone, por favor <a
click aq€</a>.</p>'

collectionmacrocollectionname [l=es]"Colecc€n de Archivos Greenstone"
collectionmeta.document:From [l=es]"Campos de origen"
collectionmeta.document:Subject [l=es]"€neas del asunto"
# we don't have a Headers index anymore...
#collectionmacro.document:Headers [l=es]"Cualquier encabezado"
# already translated
##collectionmacroFrom [l=es]"De"
collectionmacroDate [l=es]"Fecha"
collectionmacroSubject [l=es]"Asunto"
collectionmacroHeaders [l=es]"Encabezados"
collectionmacroShowHeaders [l=es]"Mostrar todos los encabezados"
collectionmacroHideHeaders [l=es]"Ocultar encabezados"
collectionmacroMessages [l=es]"Mensaje"
# Missing translation: SearchBySender

### -- Russian strings --

collectionmacrocollectionextra [l=ru]'<p>
Это коллекция сообщений электронной почты из списка архивов
Greenstone. Коллекция включает сообщения с момента формирования списка
адресатов в апреле 2000 г. вплоть до настоящего времени. Список
адресатов используется для того, чтобы поддержать связь со всей
командой создателей Greenstone, поэтому содержание сообщений обычно
глобально по своему характеру. Список адресатов кроме того хороший
способ получить помощь по возникающим проблемам, так как кто-нибудь из
команды вероятно сможет помочь Вам.</p>

<p>Эта коллекция может быть полезна для нахождения решения общих
проблем или просто для того, чтобы отследить прогресс в программном
обеспечении Greenstone.</p>

<p>Чтобы подписаться на список рассылок Greenstone, пожалуйста, <a

collectionmacrocollectionname [l=ru]"Коллекция архивов Greenstone"
collectionmeta.document:From [l=ru]"Из полей"
collectionmeta.document:Subject [l=ru]"Строки предмета"
# already translated
#collectionmacroFrom [l=ru]"От"
collectionmacroDate [l=ru]"Дата"
collectionmacroSubject [l=ru]"Предмет"
# we don't use Header metadata/index any more
#collectionmacro.document:Headers [l=ru]"Любые заголовки"
#collectionmacroHeaders [l=ru]"Заголовки"
#collectionmacroShowHeaders [l=ru]"Показать все заголовки"
#collectionmacroHideHeaders [l=ru]"Скрытые заголовки"
collectionmacroMessages [l=ru]"Сообщения"
collectionmacroSearchBySender [l=ru]"Поиск по отправителю"

# use utf-8 as the default encoding
cgiarg shortname=w argdefault=utf-8