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From Qiu
DateFri, 24 Aug 2007 10:59:26 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Creator-Author
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Hi Julian

It is because there is no macro referring to "Author" in the
file if the the '-buttonname Author' option is used in the classifier.
You can simply solve the problem by adding this macro into the
In your case, to display "Author" in French, a macro below need to be
added into
_labelAuthor_ [l=fr] {authorInFrench}


Julian Fox wrote:

> Dear List,
> Am looking to solve a little problem. Several collections with only
> text files in them (thousands!) really deserve the term 'author'
> rather than 'creator', which might be simple enough if I was only
> dealing with English. But I note for starters that several other
> languages opt for 'autore-autor-auteur' (to mention 3) and not
> createur-creatore-creator, though Spanish has a bet each way by using
> both!
> My problem is that if I change the English by using the 'button name'
> option in the relevant browsing classifier, my 'language' groups then
> fail to represent the term 'author'. They are looking for 'creator'!
> They give up and just say 'author'!
> How di I over come this, and more to the point, could someone be
> precise about it for me please - assuming I change the 'creator' to
> 'author' in English, what would I then do to ensure that, say Italian
> and Spanish and French and Portuguese will still run their
> autor-autore-auteurs?
> Julian
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