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From Richard Managh
DateTue, 27 Mar 2007 12:30:31 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] multilingual collection metadata again
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Hi Benigno,

Its not only possible, multilingual support is one of the main built in features of Greenstone.

This support is available not only for metadata, but for any interface text visible in a greenstone collection.

For each of your documents, you can have metadata like the following:

title_en  "title in english"
title_fr   "title in francais"
title_es  "title in espanol"

And based on what the "l" cgi argument is set to, you can have greenstone display the relevent title.

Heres a working example of this:

The Ed Greevy Photograph Collection, on

If you browse to an individual photo, for example

You can use the language toggle links at the top right, either "english text", or "kikokikona hawai'i" to toggle between display of english metadata or hawaiian metadata.

This collection has metadata added in two languages for the metadata items: title, caption, struggle.


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Documentation / wrote:
Hello all,
and thanks to persons which send me solutions. Maybe I not clearly explained my needs. The goal for us is to bring the possibility to brownse and use the same collection in 3 / 4 languages (concerning metadata) to switch from English to French and from French to Spanish with the keywords in each language (the "right" metadata language according to the language chosen by the user) .  It's possible?
Really thanks a lot in advance,
Benigno Delgado
documentaliste resp.
Centre de documentation, de recherche
et d'information des peuples autochtones

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