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From Richard Managh
DateTue, 26 Jun 2007 09:54:03 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Metadata For Header Page (Paged ImageCollection)
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Hi Gavin,

The short answer is that you use the DocumentHeading format statement to display the metadata you want to import, and you include metadata in your .item files as in the following example import .item file.
  <Metadata name="Series">Matariki 1881</Metadata>
  <Metadata name="Date">18810515</Metadata>

I've included a description of how I arrived at this conclusion below:

I had a look at the example collection you gave and its collect.cfg file.
collect.cfg ( )

and noticed that the format statement DocumentHeading, controls what metadata is displayed on the header page.
format DocumentHeading "<center><table width=_pagewidth_><tr>{If}{[NumPages],<td width=\"100%\" align=\"center\"><h3>[Title]</h3></td></tr>,<td width=\"10px\"></td><td>[parent(Top):Title]\, [parent(Top):Date]<br />[parent(Top):Creator]</td><td align=\"right\">[DocTOC]</td><td width=\"10px\"></td></tr>}{If}{[NumPages], <tr><td class=\"bib\"></tr></table><table><tr><td rowspan=\"12\"><img src=\"[DocImage]\" alt=\"cover to piece\" /></td><td rowspan=\"12\" width=\"10\"></td><td colspan=\"2\"><u><h4>Bibliographic Information</h4></u></td></tr>{If}{[Title],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Title:</b></td><td>[Title]</td></tr>,}{If}{[Uniformtitle],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Uniform Title:</b></td>
;<td>[Uniformtitle]</td></tr>,}{If}{[Series],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Series Title:</b></td><td>[Series]</td></tr>,}{If}{[Creator],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Composer:</b></td><td>[Creator]</td></tr>,}{If}{[Publisher],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Publisher:</b></td><td>[Publisher]</td></tr>,}{If}{[Date],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Date:</b></td><td>[Date]</td></tr>,}{If}{[Contributor],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Contributor(s):</b></td><td valign=\"top\">[Contributor]</td></tr>,}{If}{[Format],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Format:</b></td><td>[Format]</td></tr>,}{If}{[Callnumber],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Call Number:</b></td><td>[Callnumber]</td>
;</tr>,}{If}{[Description],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Notes:</b></td><td>[Description]</td></tr>,}{If}{[Subject],<tr><td valign=\"top\"><b>Subject(s):</b></td><td>[Subject],}, </td></tr></table>}"

I then built a little test collection using one of the import documents (url is below) in the Paged Image Example collection (pagedimg-e)

using the Paged Image Examples collect.cfg file (url is below)

I changed the Paged Image Examples collect.cfg DocumentHeading format statement to be the same as your example collection, the
collection you give above.

Once this collection was built (details below) I looked at the document imported in the built collection, and it did display series title and date metadata on the heading page.

Note that Series and Date metadata is included in this .item file, which is the one that I imported.

pagedimg-e collect.cfg: (modifed the DocumentHeading format statement in this file to be the same as given above)

Import document - This item file:

Which contains series and date metadata that should appear on the document heading using the above format statement.

I imported the above item file by placing it in the import directory of my new test collection with its associated files in a directory structure similar to how it appears in the example pagedimg-e collection.

I included all its files:

<collection dir>/import/xml/23/23__2.item                            downloaded from
<collection dir>/import/xml/23/abstracts/23__2abstract.txt    downloaded from
<collection dir>/import/xml/23/images/23__2_1.gif                downloaded from       
<collection dir>/import/xml/23/images/23__2_2.gif                downloaded from
<collection dir>/import/xml/23/images/23__2_3.gif                downloaded from
<collection dir>/import/xml/23/images/23__2_4.gif                downloaded from
<collection dir>/import/xml/23/text/23__2_1.txt                    downloaded from  
<collection dir>/import/xml/23/text/23__2_2.txt                    downloaded from
<collection dir>/import/xml/23/text/23__2_3.txt                    downloaded from
<collection dir>/import/xml/23/text/23__2_4.txt                    downloaded from

and the modified collect.cfg:
<collection dir>/etc/xml/23/text/23__2_4.txt                         modified    (modified DocumentHeading format statement)

Then imported and built the collection and looked at the particular document's header page in the collection.

Hope this helps,

DL Consulting
Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists

Gavin Spomer wrote:
Genuinely big thanks for responding to my email, Richard. :) The list has been somewhat inactive lately.

Yes, the first link you have below is the header page. The header page is the one that doesn't contain any of the images that are being "paged". It's the one that precedes the numbered pages, thus will usually have a "next button" with a 1 to go to the first of the paged images. And thanks for the (second) link to the Paged Image collection, but as I said in my first email, this is one of the many things I've studied already. 

Auburn University has a collection that illustrates what I want to do: 

Here is a header page that has metadata on it: (Title, Composer, Publisher, Date, Contributor, Format, Call Number, Notes & Subject(s)) 

What I want to do is have dublin core metadata on the header page. The problem isn't how/where to actually put it on the page, that's easy. You just put [dc.metadataitem], where metadataitem can be Subject, Title, etc., in one of the format strings such as the DocumentText one. The problem is where/how to put it into the XML BASED .item file that the PagedImgPlug processes. I have tried various things, but nothing works.

I have emailed Auburn University, but they referred me to someone that hasn't gotten back to me yet. From reading through some of the list archives, I believe Katherine Don (sp?) is the one who developed the PagedImgPlug, but a recent email says she's on maternity leave so I respectively don't want to bother her.

Thanks again for your reply. :)

Gavin Spomer
Systems Programmer
Brooks Library
Central Washington University

Richard Managh <> 06/21/07 6:07 PM >>>
Hi Gavin,

Gavin Spomer wrote:


I just can't figure out how to add metadata for the header page in a paged image collection, but I know it's possible because other people have done it. Where and how do I add it to my xml based .item file?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by a header page, do you mean a page 
like this?

This is the collection for the above link:

Could you give us a link to an example of what you mean when you say 
other people have done it?

I'm not sure exactly what you want to do, and where. On which page you 
want to display the metadata? Where do you want to display it?




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