[greenstone-users] About using the CGI in java application

From feng wang
DateWed Jul 2 07:49:31 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] About using the CGI in java application
I have some questions by using the CGI arguments to implement the query and document page-action.
For my Application i must create the wrapper class to realize the function of querying the docs in collection and getting the documents for all digital libraries which based of greenstone 3 software.

Some questions i thought i got the answer by myself yet. but still wanna ask, sorry here!

1.The Greenstone 3 offers 3 ways of query to send to the server: TextQuery, FieldQuery and AdvancedFieldQuery. When i build the URL with CGI in my Java Application, can i pick one of the three services up as i wished without considing ,which one is the standard query service now?

I mean, Just building the URL with TextQuery, FieldQuery or AdvancedFieldQuery like i wanted!! Of course i must consider the paramlist and option for the three services. And i know i can get this list of the Informations in the Homepage of the collection with a ?describe ? request.

2.Quan, you told me when i want to search the documents cross the several Collections, i can let the short name for collection as empty ?c=?. So i tried it like you wrote. But didn't get the right Result like we wished. Actually i got No Result for the cross-collection searching. Actually every Collection have different CollectionConfig.xml Files. But i am sure, that i have the same doc in two collections. How can i do?

3.When i wanna look the metadataList for the document. I think maybe i can use the DocumentMetadataRetrieve Request to get the MetadataList for a document in the collection. Can you tell me, how can i build such a URL with CGI arguments to get the DC metadatalist maybe?

Utile now i changed the CollectionConfig.xml. So i can get what i want like metadaten or original source in the resulting page. But we aren't sure, that all digital Libraries online based of the Greenstone 3 is changed like i did. I am searching a normal Way to get Meta data for every document in the collection maybe like the fedora API-A offered.

4.I have designed the work flow for query/search function for my Application. I am not sure whether i did right. So i wanna write here my Idea and hope that you can help to correct it.

At first i should send a ?describe? request for the collection to get all informations about the services in the collection. What i want here to get all ParamList and Option for TextQuery, FieldQuery and AdvancedFieldQuery Services. Of Course i should parse the xml page response file to get what i need.

So i can pick one service of the threes as my query standard to search the docs in the collection by using the CGI+URL. Then i can get a DocumentNodeList for all Results. If i wanna look the converted Document , i should build the Document page action with ?a=d?. When the user want the original formatted source, the user can find the link for the file in the Response. Of Cause i should at first parse the ?gsf:format? in the page response to get format information for every node in the documentnodelist.

Hope that you can help to answer it!
Feng Wang

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