[greenstone-users] About the CGI in Greenstone 3

From feng wang
DateTue Jul 8 08:23:52 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] About the CGI in Greenstone 3
i have a question about using the cgi argument to write a application in java.

i wanna write a application with java to access the digital Library which based on greenstone 3.

so i found a problem by building the request in URL with cgi.
There are some examples online:


what is the "e" cgi in the URL? I didn't find any information about the "e" cgi in the manual.pdf of Greenstone 3. Or it is just a used CGI Argument for the version 2.7.

If it is also for the greenstone 3, how can i build a URL with "e" CGI Argument?

Please help me!
feng wang
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