[greenstone-users] ProCite plugin

From John Rose
DateMon Jul 21 02:30:19 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] ProCite plugin

Has anyone succeeded in using the ProCite plugin?

It seems that it requires a txt file. I am trying
to get it to work for a colleague who has ProCite
5, which has options for generating Comma
Delimited, Tab Delimited or Custom (you can
specify any single character as a field
separator, delimiter, or end-of-record character) files.

I have tried with comma delimited and tab
delimited files. In both cases, when I try to
build a collection with the file, it processes
one document, then shows only one document in the
collection (the entire database, with each record
on a separate line preceded by <Default>154328).

When I explode and then build, it says that the
metadata.xml file is being processed by
MetadataXMLPlug, then that each of the nul files
are being processed by NULPlug, but when I go to
the Enrich view I see no metadata associated with
the files (and no lines for exp metadata, only blank lines for dc).

The only parameter for the plugin is "split_exp"
which is "A perl regular expression to split
input files into segments.". I have no idea what
this means (should be clarified). When I guessed
that it could be the separator, I changed
"default = \n" to "default = \t" with the tab
delimited file, but this makes no difference.

If no input from the group, asking the Waikato
team to explain how the ProCite plugin works, thanks and best regards, John

John B. Rose
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92310 S□vres
Email: <john.rose1@free.fr>
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