[greenstone-users] Sort search results in reverse order

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DateWed Jul 2 08:35:58 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Sort search results in reverse order
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Hi Alejandro

If you want the search results sorted based on a specific metadata
element, you have to force users to do an "all" search, the documents
returned are in build order. That is, the order in which the documents
were processed by buildcol.pl is the order in which they'll be returned.
The build order can be changed by using the sortmeta option to import.pl.
If a metadata element is specified here, then documents will be sorted
during import by that metadata.

If you are using GLI, go to the "Create" panel, select "Import Options"
from the left hand, then enable the "sortmeta" option and choose a
metadata from the list on the right hand. The collection has to be
re-imported and re-built.


> Hello.
> I'm using Greenstone 2.72 and I have a rather large collection indexed
> with MG. I want to sort the search results according to a specific
> metadata element, and it needs to be sorted in Z-A order.
> How do I do this? I've searched the mailing list archives, but all the
> responses are way too technical. If you can help me by giving me step by
> step instructions, I would be very grateful.
> Thank you,
> Alejandro Vesga
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