[greenstone-users] Installing Export to CD/DVD functionality

From Warren A. Layton
DateSun Jul 27 16:03:13 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Installing Export to CD/DVD functionality

I'm trying to export my first Greenstone DVD from a Linux install and am
trying to understand the instructions on the web site:

>From http://www.greenstone.org/download#cdrom-270 I understand that I'm
supposed to use the gsdl-2.70-export.zip file:

"To install, simply download the file (it will work on both Windows and
Unix/Linux) and extract the zip archive into the greenstonebinwindows
directory of your existing Greenstone installation."

Where is the "greenstonebinwindows" directory? Is this supposed to be a path
(albeit with missing slashes)? I definitely have a [gshome]/bin/linux
directory. Do a need to create a "windows" directory at the same level?

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