[greenstone-users] Is Greenstone the right choice for my project?

From Lindsay Negrello
DateTue Jul 1 09:25:57 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Is Greenstone the right choice for my project?
I am writing in hopes of getting some good advice regarding using Greenstone
for the project that I am currently working on. I am organizing and
cataloging the personal library (which is still just a huge pile of 3000
books with no rhyme or reason) of a very well-known philanthropist/art
collector here in the SF Bay Area. The books are in two locations, her
office and her home. Thusfar the office books are all art books and
exhibition catalogs.

I have Connexion Client and am doing some of the copy and all of the
original cataloging myself, though the majority of the copy has been
sub-contracted out to OCLC's custom cataloging department. I am also adding
655s using the Getty AAT and am also adding some provenance notes. The
reason I am doing "proper" cataloging using OCLC is that she plans to
eventually donate the collection and she wants the receiving institution to
be able to add the collection without having to do much processing.

Once I have finished cataloging everything and have received all of the MARC
records from OCLC (they send them in batches in an email), I need a place to
put them! I would like the database to be very user-friendly for the
owner of the collection (no one else will use this database), it must also
be private as she is a very high-profile person and does not want anyone
contacting her to borrow the books. In fact, we had to work out a deal with
OCLC so that when users mouse over the holdings for books that she owns, no
information would come up under the acronym for her library. She would also
like the database to be web-based so that she can access it from anywhere
(she travels a lot), and above all, it must actually display the information
that I am taking so much time to add to the MARC records. Would Greenstone
be a good choice? Also, can I upload the MARC records with relative ease to
Greenstone? I apologize if I seem really ignorant, but I am a student and
this is the first project of this kind that I have ever undertaken.

If Greenstone doesn't seem like it will fit our criteria, I would be
eternally grateful for any other web-based application you can suggest. OCLC
suggested EOS web enterprise, but the owner of the collection does not want
to pay $3500 per year just so that the records for her own books can be
accessible to her.

Thanks so much for your time,
Lindsay Negrello
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