[greenstone-users] Links between collection, and workflow

From Katherine of Greenstone Team
DateFri Oct 9 13:42:23 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Links between collection, and workflow
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Hi Nicole

Nicole Pâ–ˇriat wrote:
> Dear Katherine,
> A big thank you for your detailed answers: it looks like it will solve
> my two concerns. I will try the solutions you're suggesting but I
> understand both my wishes can become reality: that's good news!
> Even if your explanations are clear and detailed, please let me ask for
> clarification on two points:
> **Unique Identifier (ID)
>> You will need to know the identifiers for each document. the easiest way
>> to do this is to manually assign an identifier to each document. eg
>> dc.Identifier.
> Does it mean that there isn't an automatic ID that we could use in GLI
> for those links or other purposes? Or you just point out that it is
> easier to manually assign one? Because I would love the basic users to
> be able to indicate those links, without having to do complicated tasks
> (keep things very simple).

There's no way to link documents without knowing their identifiers.
Greenstone will automatically assign an identifier, but you won't know
what it is until the collection is built once. And the default ids look
like HASH30aa188f4d8ddaef558fc9, which is not very easy to type in.
And if the document changes, then the id may change too.
The easiest way is to manually assign an identifier.

If you know that all your filenames will be unique, you could use the
filename as the identifier, and have it automatically assigned. Then it
would be easy to know, and the user wouldn't have to assign it. This
would involve a little bit of perl coding as we currently don't have a
filename OID method.
> **Different users, differents metadatas
>> Once the collection is set up, there is an online document submission
>> system called depositor. This allows authenitcated users to add
>> documents and metadata to an existing collection. In its default mode,
>> you set the metadata fields you want to be added using GLI, and these
>> fields show up in depositor.
> I will look for the Depositor, I've never seen it yet or read about it
> for the moment, but it looks very interesting for my purpose. Will it be
> possible to assign different sets of metadatas for differents types of
> users (teachers, inspectores, librarians)? I'd love to build up an
> interface where users are presented only with the metadatas the need to
> fill up.
I forgot to say, info about depositor is at

Currently, each collection only has one interface. If you wanted
different users to add documents with different metadata, then you could
set up different collections for each one.

If you want the second/third stage people just to add metadata, then
probably better to use GLI client for these steps. depositor only allows
adding metadata to a document currently submitting.

I think DL Consulting (www.dlconsulting.com) has done projects where
they have added custom web interfaces to Greenstone for adding documents
and editing them/adding metadata. They could design interfaces for you
(for a fee).