[greenstone-users] CD-ROM and other doubts

From Patricia Hernández
DateThu Oct 22 04:25:56 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] CD-ROM and other doubts
Hello friends

I'm a newbie user of Greenstone and I'm trying to create a CD-ROM's
based collection.I'm using 2.82 version.
Have the following doubts:

1. Is there a way to translate the messages of server.exe? I cannot
find the way to do this, should I recompile it? Also, could I define
the default initial port as another than 80? I've seen that several
times skype it's using this port and definitely will be frustrating
for our users to receive an error message for this cause.

2. I've seen that the

_textaboutgreenstone_ [l=xx]

instruction is not used when the collection is exported to a CD-ROM. I
need to include some presentation text (or HTML) under the collection
button in the main screen □Where should I put it?

3. I've included an _pagefooterextra_ for my site at□style.dm, but
outside of main screen and collection's about it dissapears...Where
shoud I put to be shown in every page?

4. I will need to put flv videos in the collection. Somebody could
point me to the right way to do so? Sure I'll need to include some
special <object> and javascript tags inside the HTML, but also collect
the files. Should I point to the audio tutorial to see an example for
processing this kind of material?

5. To change the font for the entire site, where in the css file should I touch?

Thanks a lot for your help.