[greenstone-users] homeextra macro

From Katherine Don
DateFri Jul 24 10:41:51 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] homeextra macro
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Hi Ra□l

homeextra is generated dynamically by the runtime source code
(runtime-src/src/recpt/pageaction.cpp) so a bit difficult to change
unless you recompile the code.

I see that collectiontitle style is in style.css but not collecttitle.
Have you tried adding a new entry for div.collecttitle with the
appropriate style commands into style.css?


Ra□l Barrera wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a question about homeextra macro.
> In version 2.82 there's a style named "collecttitle" which affects
> homeextra macro, and this style is not in the style.css, where can I
> find it?
> I need to add a style to homeextra, and this style doesn't let me do it.
> Is there any way to personalize homeextra macro and change its
> structure? I need to remove collectiontitle and collecttitle styles
> from homeextra.
> Thank you.
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> Ra□l Barrera
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