[greenstone-users] Re: homepage export problem

From Katherine Don
DateWed Sep 2 14:11:40 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: homepage export problem
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When we generate the cdrom, we remove the old home.dm and copy
exported_home.dm to home.dm. The easiest thing for you to do is to
modify the perl script.

Open up bin/script/exportcol.pl in an editor.

Look for the following lines:
# now change the home.dm macro file to a simple version
my $newmacrodir = &util::filename_cat ($gsdldir, "macros");
my $exporthome = &util::filename_cat ($newmacrodir, "exported_home.dm");
my $oldhome = &util::filename_cat ($newmacrodir, "home.dm");
if (-e $exporthome) {
&util::mv($exporthome, $oldhome);

Put # in front of the two util lines:
#&util::mv($exporthome, $oldhome);

Then reexport. You should get your modifed home page showing up.


Mr. Siva Chidambaram wrote:
> Dear DR. Katherine Don
> 6. Re: export problem (Katherine Don)
> In home page we have some picture and project discretion are there
> Yes I have modified macro files in main macros area
> collection specific macros are there , but they are working fine.
> From the beginning of this collection I am using v2.80, but the
> collection was showing perfect in 2.82 version
> thank you for the replay.
> could you please clarify at the earliest
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>> Subject: Re: [greenstone-users] export problem
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>> Hi
>> Can you please explain a bit more about the customisations you have
>> made? Have you modified macro files in the main macros area? Or do you
>> have collection specific macros?
>> Are you running the export from gs 2.82 or 2.80? When you say that you
>> are using 2.82 but collection was built in 2.80, what do you mean? Does
>> the collection look ok in your 2.82 installation?
>> Regards,
>> Katherine
>> Mr. Siva Chidambaram wrote:
>>> Dear GSDL user
>>> I have built two seperate collection for one subject with home page
>>> construction. When export to this collection in CD-ROM , the homepage
>>> information is not appearing one the collection image is appearing .
>>> could you please guide me how to get the homepage information in the
>>> CD-ROM. I am using 2.82 version, collection was build in 2.80 verion
>>> of GSDL.
>>> Thanks
>>> Siva