[greenstone-users] MP3 file playback is truncated in Greenstone - help please?

From Sharyn Wise
DateTue Sep 15 10:52:53 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] MP3 file playback is truncated in Greenstone - help please?

I've ingested some MP3s (using MP3Plugin) into my Greenstone collection but
when I 'view' them in the collection, I get only 1-2 seconds of playback
rather than the full duration.

This is despite the fact that they play to the full duration if opened
directly in the web browser (and in iTunes and Windows Media Player - NB.
the ID3 tags look ok too).

So, I tested this again using the Greenstone tutorial on MP3s (ie, the
Beatles collection) and the same thing happens to these mp3s after ingestion
as recommended by the tutorial. They've also been tested using the
UnknownPlugin to process both MP3 and MIDI files - the midi files are fine,
but the MP3 file playback is again truncated. Could this perhaps be a
greenstone server config issue?

I am running 2.82 on Vista.

Any advice or help will be gratefully received!


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