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From Kriwaczek, Alexander
DateWed Sep 2 23:03:07 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] cgiargq
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Hi Katherine,

Just to confirm that once the _pagescriptextra_ functions from query.dm are included within the _pagescriptextra_ macro in the package query section of the extra.dm file, things work ok again with fielded search.

Thanks for clarifying this for me. I had been under the mistaken impression that any functions included in the _pagescriptextra_ macros in the extra.dm file simply added to whatever functions were already defined in the main macro files. I now realise that one has to be much more careful when defining one's own _pagescriptextra_ macros in the extra.dm file, and have a clearer mental model of what is going on.


From: Katherine Don [kjdon@cs.waikato.ac.nz]
Sent: 02 September 2009 02:40
To: Kriwaczek, Alexander
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Subject: Re: [greenstone-users] cgiargq

Hi Alex

When you added _pagescriptextra_ to your extra.dm, did you keep the
original contents of the one in query.dm?
query.dm page defines its own _pagescriptextra_ which is needed for the
page. So you need to copy that one, then add your own functions to it.
For example:

package query

_pagescriptextra_ {_If_("_cgiargqt_" eq "1", _formpagescriptextra_,
_If_("_cgiarghd_" ne "0",_historypagescriptextra_)
function kath() \{


I just tried with this. I get my kath function added into the page,
along with all the necessary functions for searching.

I am assuming that it wasn't working because you didn't keep the
original contents, and I will close the ticket. If you think there is
still a bug, even when you have pagescriptextra like the above, then
please let me know.


Katherine Don wrote:
> Hi Alex
> Thanks for reporting this. I have added it as a ticket for the 2.83
> release. http://trac.greenstone.org/ticket/611
> Regards,
> Katherine
> PG-PG-Kriwaczek, Alexander wrote:
>> Just to be clear, advanced search, with the Lucene indexer, (i.e.
>> with Boolean operators) works fine. It is fielded search that does
>> not work once you try to add _pagescriptextra_ functions to "package
>> query" in the extra.dm file.
>> Alex.
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>> *From:* PG-PG-Kriwaczek, Alexander
>> *Sent:* 11 August 2009 15:46
>> *To:* Katherine Don
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>> *Subject:* Re: [greenstone-users] cgiargq
>> Hi,
>> I believe that there is another problem with using advanced search in
>> Windows, under Version 2.82.
>> After you have added any "package query" _pagescriptextra_ functions
>> to the extra.dm file of your collection, advanced search refuses to
>> work, showing an error message in the browser's status bar. Switching
>> to simple search everything works as expected.
>> Regards,
>> Alex.
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