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From Qiu
DateMon, 25 Jun 2007 11:46:16 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie
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Hi Anne

Sorry, we missed your email until Mr. Jack Decker visited us this
morning. First of all, I'd like to thank you for supporting the
Greenstone software.

For a new user, it is a little tricky to get started. The official web
site of the Greenstone project is available at
where hosts the software release infomation, all greenstone
documentations, example collections and the greenstone wiki, etc..
Besides those documents, users can get online supports by posting their
questions to the greenstone mailing list. In order to help greenstone
experts answer questions quickly, please be specific about the problems
you meet, for example, what are you doing with the greenstone? what's
kind of collection (document's formats mainly) are you building? which
commands are you using? what's the error message on the console or gli?
The information about the operation system and the web server installed.


Anne Liebst wrote:

> I am a newbie to Greenstone and I□m trying to download the best (and
> simplest) version for the beginning of an institutional repository at
> Washburn University. I□m having problems downloading version 2.72 on a
> RedHat Linux machine □ unknown version of RedHat. I have been through
> the Installer□s Guide, but having much luck. I have not checked the
> Greenstone wiki for installation problems. I thought I would start
> with the listserv. Any help would be very much appreciated.
> Thank you!
> Anne Liebst
> Assistant Director for Technical Services
> Washburn University
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