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From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateFri Jul 11 11:17:26 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Need help
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Hello Emmanuel,

Sorry it took so long, but until last evening I was busy trying to
finish off something else and I also didn't quite know what particular
format statement would help you.

Thanks to Katherine Don, however, who suggested the page:
Go down to [collection] and [collection:meta-name].

This is exactly what we need.

I am attaching an image of the result I got from creating two identical
collections containing the same 3 html pages. Please refer to the image.
Unfortunately I gave the collections somewhat confusing names (Crosscol2
and crosscoll I think). Since the contents of the two collections are
the same, I can search for any word occurring in the one and the other
should also turn up in the search result as well. In my example case, I
was looking for the occurrence of "1" across the two collections.

The following are the steps I followed, please try it on a test
collection yourself to ensure that it works. I am using Greenstone v2.80.

1. Create the first collection in the usual way and drag and drop the

2. Click on the Format tab, select the Cross-Collection search item on
the left and tick all the collections' boxes on the right that you want
included in the cross-collection search.

3. Still on the Format tab, select Format Features on the left and on
the right top, select the VList item. In the large edit area on the
right bottom, I scrolled down to where it had something like:
<td valign="top">[highlight]

I replaced the segment pasted above with the following. Note the use of
the [collection:collectionname] metadata here:
<td valign="top">[highlight]
<br>Collection: {Or}{[collection:collectionname],Untitled}</td>

4. I followed steps 1-3 for the second collection. Although I do not
know that step 2 is necessary (though it will allow anyone to search
cross-collection from either collection), step 3 is required in order to
have both collections' names displaying next to the search result item
they belong to.

The above solution wouldn't have been possible without Katherine Don
suggesting the right format element.


Emmanuel E C (RBEI/HRL1-D-KCI) wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> We have built multiple collections in GSDL and created one
> more collection but kept it empty and provided *"Cross Collection
> Search" * and that searches all other collections in GSDL. (idea was
> something like Google, a keyword search lists all relevant document)
> However i have removed Titles listing & Author listing etc and kept
> *Search option only* (Pls see the screenshot)
> When we search a specific topic it searches entire database and
> lists/displays the result of search . But our problem is it
> lists /displays all the releavent titles/documents but for general
> user it is very difficult identify to which collection the displayed
> document /title belongs to. (e.g whether it belongs to external
> presentations, Tech Talk, Yellow page:Individual Profiles etc.)
> Please let me know how to individualize a document that belong
> to specific collection ? or how to provide unique sign or symbol to
> each collection
> Is there any provision that helps us to give an unique picture or symbol
> to each collection and when we do a "Cross collection Search" it
> should display the documents /titles with picture/symbol of that
> collection. so that user identifies & decides what document/title
> he/she can refer.
> *Regards
> Emmanuel E.C
> *K-Center & Information Services,
> Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions,
> #123,Industrial Layout, Hosur Road ,Koramangala,
> Bangalore-95, INDIA
> Ph.No-080- 6657-1497