[greenstone-users] I want to view my collections...

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateTue Nov 25 14:53:33 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] I want to view my collections...
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Hello Luke,

> How do i make my collections to be view from other client's computer
> within the network...

It depends on what version of Greenstone you are using and also the web
server you are using with it. In the following, I discuss how I got it
working in Greenstone 2 using an Apache web server (II) and in
Greenstone 3 using the default Tomcat web server that is part of the
installation (III).

(I) Greenstone 2 (GS2) and Apache web server:
I don't know how to do this with the default local library server
(server.exe) that comes with Greenstone 2. But setting up an external
web server, such as an Apache web server sorted this out for me so that
I was able to view collections from a server on a different machine from
my client machine.

1. To set up an Apache web server with your Greenstone 2, please follow
the instructions at the wiki page

2. Restart the Apache web server as explained in the wiki page link above.

3. On the server machine itself, test that you can view your collections
by pointing your browser to
or for Windows, also try

where serverhostname and portnumber are what you configured your Apache
web server to be in step 1.
Even the "gsdl" in the URL above may be different if you set this to be
something else in step 1.

4. Then, on the client machine, open up a browser and also go to the
same URL
(or http://<serverhostname>:<portnumber>/gsdl/cgi-bin/library.exe on
And see whether the Greenstone 2 server's collections are now visible
from here as well.

(II) Greenstone 3 and the default Tomcat web server
1. When initially setting up Greenstone 3, you can edit the
build.properties file to set the hostname and portnumber of your server.
By default these values are set to localhost and 8080, respectively.
In order to be able to view all the images in the Greenstone pages from
client machines, the server hostname specified in build.properties must
be the name of the server host rather than merely the relative
"localhost" value.

2. Changes to the server's hostname value in build.properties may not
take effect until additional corresponding changes are made. Please see
to find out how to get Greenstone 3 to configure Tomcat to take these
changes into consideration.

Whether or not the above suggestions works for your situation may
additionally depend on how much access your particular network settings
allow between your networked computers.

Best of luck,