[greenstone-users] gsdl document not open

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateTue Dec 16 18:52:09 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] gsdl document not open
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Hello Alok,

>>> The requested URL /collect/1995/index/assoc/HASH9299.dir/doc.pdf
When you view the collection in the web browser, and select one of the
browsing classifiers such as Titles or Filenames (these buttons for
browsing will be located next to the Search button in the navigation
bar), does it at least list the html version of this item? Can you view
the converted document or is that also not available along with the
original pdf document?

> I install pdftohtml.
1. Actually, pdftohtml should already be in the bin/windows (or
bin/linux) directory that is located inside your Greenstone installation
directory. That is the version of pdftohtml that will be used.

2. Are you using GLI (the Greenstone Librarian Interface) application to
build your collection? In the Design tab of GLI, you need to make sure
that the PDFPlugin is in the list of plugins that will be used.

If this plugin is NOT already in the list of Assigned Plugins of the
Design tab, then add it to this list as follows: select the PDFPlugin
from the dropdown box at the very bottom of the Design Tab, press the
Add Plugin button and click OK in the plugin's Configuring Arguments
dialog that opens. Then try rebuilding the collection.

If your pdf document is still not getting converted to html:

3. As Quan said, can you go set the GLI mode to Expert and then in the
Create tab of GLI, check what the errors are (if any) on building the

4. Can you thereafter also read through and work through the PDF tutorial

This tutorial discusses some instances where PDFs won't be processed and
goes through some suggestions as to what can be done to work around such

The sample documents that are used during this tutorial are linked to at
the top right of the page. It doesn't take long to do, so do try it out.
When you work through this tutorial are there any points where things
failed for you?

Regards and good luck,

Alok Shrivastava wrote:
> Hello,
> I think there is some plugin missing.
> I install pdftohtml.
> but still the same problem is there.
> I think that the plugin has to be integrated with gsdl.
> can somebody have any idea how to integrate it with gsdl.
> Thanks and regards
> __
> Alok S
> qq6@cs.waikato.ac.nz wrote:
>> Hi
>> I guess this collection was built on GLI. You can change GLI into Expert
>> mode from File -> Preferences, then rebuild the collection. Please watch
>> the building log carefully to check the errors.
>> Regards
>> Quan
>>> Dear all,
>>> I am new to gsdl.
>>> I install gsdl on fedora 8.
>>> everything works fine except a problem.
>>> when I try to open a document it gives the following error.
>>> Not Found
>>> The requested URL /collect/1995/index/assoc/HASH9299.dir/doc.pdf
was not
>>> found on this server.
>>> Apache/2.2.0 (Fedora) Server at < servername > Port 80
>>> I checked everything is properly placed and file permissions are also
>>> correct.
>>> Can anybody give some suggestion.
>>> Thanks in advance
>>> --
>>> Alok S
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