[greenstone-users] Install Problem

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateWed Feb 4 17:09:37 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Install Problem
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Hi Chris,

This problem sounds vaguely familiar. I think long ago I had encountered
this problem too. Since you are using svn, I am assuming you know what
environment variables are and know to distinguish between JDK and JRE.

Can you see if your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set and is
pointing to your JDK instead of a JRE?

The reason I think you need JAVA_HOME to be set to the JDK, is that the
tools.jar, which Apache Ant is looking for to execute the "ant prepare"
step, is located inside the JDK directory and not the JRE.

Tell us if this doesn't work.

cchap@inbox.lv wrote:
> Hi,
> I am attempting to install Greenstone 3 via SVN in Opensuse 11.1
> 64 bit.
> When I ant prepare I get the following error message:
> Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in
> /usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-openjdk-1.2_b11/lib/tools.jar
> Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!
> Build failed
> Any help greatly appreciated
> Chris