[greenstone-users] Regarding installation of Client-Gli on windows

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateTue Mar 9 16:30:21 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Regarding installation of Client-Gli on windows
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Hi Ravi,

First to confirm if I understand your problem correctly:

When following the instructions on the wiki page, and you use GLI to try
to connect to the remote server, an error dialog pops up with the
messages "failed to locate java" and "GSDLHOME not set"?

If so, what you can try is, on the Greenstone SERVER machine, go to the
cgi-bin folder of your Greenstone2 installation and open the file
gsdlsite.cfg in a plain text editor.

1. Edit the following TWO lines in gsdlsite.cfg to set the gsdlhome and
javahome variables:
gsdlhome /here/type/full/path/to/your/greenstone2/folder

javahome /full/path/to/j2sdk1.4-or-higher

NOTE: For the javahome line, remove the # sign in front to activate it.

And you may need quotes around the paths in step 1, if these paths
contain any spaces in them.

(e.g. if your server machine is on Windows,
gsdlhome "C:/ravi bhushan/greenstone2"
javahome "C:/ravi bhushan/java5"

And if on linux, you might for example type the following:
gsdlhome /usr/ravi/greenstone2
javahome /usr/bin/java)

Although your java ought to be found without setting the javahome
property, the above might get you up and running faster than to diagnose
what is going on in your particular case. We can look into that if the
above does not work.

2. Make sure there is a new line at the end of the file, then save the file.

3. Restart the server and try connecting your GLI client to the server
machine again.

If the above steps do not help, please write back and tell us:

- at what STEP (number) of the instructions at
things are failing.

- what version of Greenstone 2 you are using.

Thanks and regards,

ravi bhushan wrote:
> Hi,
> It is giving error like "failed to locate java" and "GSDLHOME"
> variable is not set.
> Thanks.
> On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 10:51 AM, Anupama of Greenstone Team
> <greenstone_team@cs.waikato.ac.nz
> <mailto:greenstone_team@cs.waikato.ac.nz>> wrote:
> Hi Ravi,
> > In "findgsdl.bat" file, i have set the greenstone
> > path manually(like "C:\Program Files\Greenstone").
> The idea is that one shouldn't have to modify findgsdl.bat in order
> for it to find your Greenstone installation.
> > Are any other changes required?
> If you haven't already done so, please look at the instructions on
> the wiki page
> http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Remote_Greenstone
> it is about set up both your remote server and GLI client.
> If the issues persist:
> > But, "Client-Gli" is not working .
> Could you please tell us where things are failing (at what stage,
> which error messages appear, any log messages).
> Regards,
> Anupama
> ravi bhushan wrote:
> Sir,
> I have Greenstone DL server on linux platform and i want
> to install Client-Gli on windows. In "findgsdl.bat" file, i have
> set the greenstone path manually(like "C:\Program
> Files\Greenstone"). But, "Client-Gli" is not working . Are any
> other changes required?
> Please provide some help.
> Thanks
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