[greenstone-users] about macro

From Katherine Don
DateSun Aug 16 15:54:23 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] about macro
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Hi Heather

Have you tried redefining _httppageabout_ macro in macros/base.dm?

Its currently
_httppageabout_ {_httppagex_(about)}

Make the content of that macro a link to the page you want. If you also
want to remove the link from the collection name in the page header,
then modify the _imagecollection_ macro in base.dm and remove the < a
href> tags.

Note, this is valid for 2.82. If you are using quite an old release,
then it may be a bit different.


Heather Rolen wrote:
> Hello Greenstone Users,
> I'm trying to redirect away from the About page, either disabling the
> link in the collection name, or redirecting from 'About' to a different
> page.
> I've tried adding a redirect to extra.dm file for the collection but I
> don't have the correct name or reference for About. If anyone who has
> done this would be willing to contact me, I would greatly appreciate it!
> Thank you,
> Heather
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