Re: [greenstone-users] Workshop Lab 3 image-e

From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 15 Mar 2004 19:59:32 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Workshop Lab 3 image-e
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Hi Fay,

Thank you for your post and we're pleased you are finding the lab
exercises helpful.

The "image-e" collection is one of the 11 "documented example collections"
on (halfway down the page, with the "cog-wheel" icons). These 11
collections were included on the Fiji workshop CD and will also be a key
part of the upcoming UNESCO Greenstone CD. Some of these collections are
quite large, which is why they have not been made available for download.

However, the image-e collection is small, so I've made it available for
you to download here:

You'll need to unzip this file and move the "image-e" folder into your
Greenstone "collect" directory.



"DURRANT, Fay" wrote:

> Greetings everyone
> This is my first posting to the group.
> I am going through the Lab exercises of the workshops in Fiji? and find
> them quite useful In Lab 3 the first step requires building the
> backdrop collection based on image-e. I have not been able to locate
> the image-e collection. Has anyone done the exercise?
> Regards
> Fay Durrant
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