[greenstone-devel] request for knowledge !

From PaingThu Chit
DateThu, 8 Feb 2007 12:50:18 +0800
Subject [greenstone-devel] request for knowledge !
Hello, Sir/Madam,
   Hi, Im a student from singapore who is assigned to working on greenstone for intenship project. My part is I have to add, retrieve collectin from greenstone and my colleague is on asp.net to build user interface for PDA. I have to retrieve data from collection and put it into xml for her to retrieve and show it on her page. I'm new to green stone and I need help for that! I'm also registered to user mailing list. I need any suggestion! any help!. Could u pls suggest me for this project ? I have encounter technical problems for this.Now I'm trying to learn how to add collection into web library. 
with best regards,