[greenstone-users] About query..!

From PaingThu Chit
DateThu, 17 May 2007 13:48:12 +0800
Subject [greenstone-users] About query..!
Hello All,
   Hello all, I have something to ask. This is my scenario
I have a result page from browsing clasifier.
Name: Center Pointer Shopping Mall [Title]
Location: [Location]
and here I have a link shops list , and when I click on the link I want to get the list of shops inside the shoppin mall in new page.
is it possible ? Relation between shopping malls and shops are control by field [MallD].
This is what Im doing now =>
</td><a href="_gwcgi_?e=_cgiarge_&amp;c=_cgiargc_&amp;a=q&amp;q=[MallID]" target=blank>test</a>
but its show the list in search page not in new page. And I dun know where to applied the format for this list. Pls any idea for that ? Thanks in advance.
With best regards,
Paing Thu Chit