[greenstone-users] Using Greenstone for a live library catalogue

From Preggy Reddy
DateThu, 3 Mar 2005 09:08:41 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Using Greenstone for a live library catalogue
I am interested in using Greenstone as a live library catalogue so I need any guidelines as to doing this. I presently have about 12000 records in a proprietary ALS (Interlit 2, Zeus). I cannot export the records in a format that can be easily used in another DBMS such as Microsoft Access. The best I can do is generate reports in ASCII containing all the records from Interlit.
The way I am thinking of going is to save each catalogue record as a text file and then importing these into Greenstone. To add new entries I would then create this externally and import it into Greenstone.
Example of a catalogue entry:
Author:      Bergado, D.T., Balasubramaniam, A.S., Chai, J.C.
Title:      Interaction between grid reinforcement and cohesive-frictional
ISBN:        90 5410 094 X    Call no:     RRW/GEN0015
Published:   1992             Place:       Rotterdam
Publisher:   AABALKEM         A.A. Balkema
Serial:      CONFPROC         Conference proceedings- not part of a series
Pages:       p. 29 - 34
Editor:      Ochiai, H.
Acquired:    24-02-00
Volume title:Earth reinforcement practice: Proceedings of the international
symposium:   Volume 1 [November 1992 : Fukuoka, Japan]
Other authors:
Balasubramaniam, A.S.
Chai, J.C.
Subject headings                         
Soil reinforcement
Cohesive soils
Laboratory tests
Tensar geogrids
Shear tests
Pull-out tests
Large scale direct shear and pullout tests have been conducted to
investigate the interaction behaviour between grid reinforcement and cohesive-frictional soil.
I realise that I would need to create/modify a plugin to process the files (catalogue entries). Am I going the right way?
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