[greenstone-users] Periodicals collection

From Stephen DeGabrielle
DateThu, 4 Aug 2005 11:08:25 +0930
Subject [greenstone-users] Periodicals collection
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I have been given a problem from a greenstone user at the local University;

They are using greenstone to manage a e-Titles collection; this is a
pretty standard collection of PDF files (student access only so I
can't show you)
Links to the titles are included on the Library catalogue so students
can click straight to the relevant item in the greenstone collection.

The problem is they want to a periodical as a path to all the issues
of a particular journal:
- fixed link to a periodical (from library catalogue)
- fixed link to individual issues (from library catalogue)
- full dc metadata for issues
- full dc metadata for each periodical.
- periodical to show all associated issues.
NOTE: 'fixed link' in the sense we don't want to have to keep updating
the URL in the library catalogue.

My options:

a (i) I suggested a special metadata field for the journal title, (or
issn) - and just link to the classifier (via AZCompactList) -
unfortunately the classifier changes on a rebuild (requiring a change
to all the links in the OPAC)
a (ii) the same as a(i) but link to a 'constructed' search like the
one generated to bring up all the messages by a particular sender in
the 'Greenstone Archives' collection

b) as a 'web site' ; having a page(html) for each periodical with
links to each issue(pdf) - a lot of work making pages and a web site.

c) Multiple collections; create 'periodicals' collection and seperate
collections for each periodical- then just add each collection as a
web page and add metadata to taste, using a template collection for
each periodical. (and making it 'public false' so the list of
collections is not cluttered)

I am thinking option (c) is best as it gives me a fixed URL for each
issue and peridical - by using an assigned OID - The generated hash
for the 'periodical' colelction (dynamically generated) homepages is
unlikely to be the same.(but it should be fine for individual PDFs)

If anyone in the greenstone community has any suggestions/ideas I
would appreciate their comments.


Stephen De Gabrielle