[greenstone-users] Re: [greenstone-devel] Problem setting up environment on fedora 8 to build Greenstone3 collections remotely

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DateThu May 1 10:21:38 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: [greenstone-devel] Problem setting up environment on fedora 8 to build Greenstone3 collections remotely
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Sorry, we have upgraded the tomcat on the last release, but forgot
including the setting for running remote greenstone3 into the new tomcat.

I will assist you to do it yourself.

1. Rename the CGI jars supplied with (but disabled) in Tomcat

cd greenstone3/packages/tomcat/server/lib
mv servlets-ssi.renametojar servlets-ssi.jar
mv servlets-cgi.renametojar servlets-cgi.jar

2. Alter Tomcat's conf/web.xml file

a) There's a CGIServlet that's commented out; remove the comments so that
the live file contains.


Note: <init-param>
needs to be added to pass the shell environment.

b) Associate URLs cgi-bin with the CGI Servlet.


Could you try it and tell me the progress?

Sorry again

> Hi..
> I'm trying to install the remote Greenstone3 building functionality on a
> server.
> But I keep getting stuck here:
> Visit
> http://<your-machine-name>:<port>/greenstone3/cgi-bin/gliserver4gs3.pl?cmd=check-installation
> in a web browser. You should get a message saying "Java found" and
> "Installation OK!". If you get a message saying "Java failed", check that
> the Java run-time is installed and on the webserver's path. If you get a
> "500 Internal Server Error", check the error log of your webserver for the
> cause.
> Important: You cannot continue with these instructions until this is
> successful, as nothing will work without it!
> I keep getting a 404 - resource not available error......I've checked and
> the files and directories are readable and executable by everyone.
> meanwhile the directions (
> http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Remote_Greenstone3) say to go to
> the cgi-bin directory...I'm assuming its the cgi directory...
> gliserver4gs3.pl is there...but I cant seem to access it.....
> And my installation is ok (...http://mpdl.mcs.csueastbay.edu/greenstone3)
> All suggestions for a workaround are very welcome
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