[greenstone-users] migrating from access to greenstone

From hemeroteca@seminariopontificio.cl
DateThu, 22 Mar 2007 22:12:43 -0400 (CLT)
Subject [greenstone-users] migrating from access to greenstone
Hello colleagues, I write from Chile; it wanted to know if somebody can help
me; in my place of work this being developed a project of digitalization of
approximately 12,000 images. They have already been digitized near 4000
The cataloguing registers, the description, indication of contents, matters
and others; this process has taken place with a data base developed in Access.

When I knowing greenstone and its capacities I have decided trying to migrate
all these contents and images associated, to this tool that seems to me very
complete (Greenstone).

I have to read and reviewed the documentation but not found a clear
description of like carrying out this process and the involved steps; the
installed version is the 3.02, and my operating system is win xp.

I am thankful if somebody can give me some type of aid for carrying out this
process to migrate from Access to greenstone

A Greeting to all from Chile

Jos□ Negrete L□pez
Seminario Pontificio Mayor
Av. Walker Martinez N□ 2020
La Florida, Stgo. Chile
Phone: 56-02-4883842 - 3800