Re: [greenstone-users] Is it possible to upload files remotely into a Collection?

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 01 Oct 2004 16:33:55 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Is it possible to upload files remotely into a Collection?
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Hi Chaitra

Recently we have developed the Librarian Interface as an applet, and
this may provide the functionality you are after. Using this would be
better than modifying the collector because we want to phase out the
collector eventually.

Running the GLI as an applet allows users to build their own collections
on the server, using documents from the local machine.

The GLI appears to run as usual on the local machine - the file system
displayed is the local one, but the collection is actually built and
served on the remote server.

What it doesn't allow is for users to work on a central collection -
each user has their own collections, and can't see other people's

Do you envisage having one big collection that everyone can add to, or
each university having their own collection, but on a central server?
For the second case, the GLI applet would be perfect. For the first
case, what we suggest is for each university/user to have their own
collection(s) which they can add to and rebuild, and to have a separate
big collection. Periodically, someone can put all the documents from the
little collection into the main one, and rebuild it. If you are on
linux, you can use synbolic links from the main import directory to all
the smaller ones which avoids the need to copy documents.

Do you think that this solution might work for you? we would much prefer
to help with GLI development rather than collector development.

The GLI applet should be available in the next release, but in the
meantime, you can get it using CVS - you will need to check out the
latest version of greenstone - some of the source has changed too, so we
can't just give you the applet jar file.
for details about getting greenstone via cvs, and then for compiling instructions.

You can try the applet on the southern alberta digital library website- - click the librarian
interface button. this will give you an idea about what it provides.

(When running it for the first time, please be patient because the
applet is quite large and may take a little while to download)

I hope this will be useful for you,
Katherine Don

Chaitra Rao wrote:
> Thanx Catherine for the timely response. Actually, we need the
> functionality of saving the import directory on our system since we intend
> to make an online repository for agricultural universities. The idea is to
> allow them to upload their research findings in one place so that other
> smaller agri extension centres can benefit from the findings without
> having to go through too many sites,since connectivity is a real problem
> in Indian Villages. We would like to host the service on our servers and
> let them do the uploading and maintating part.
> Let us know if you can help us modify the code to be able to support
> this functionality. Thanx again!
> Regards,
> Chaitra
> On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Katherine Don wrote:
>>I think I answered this in the last email. Using the collector, you can
>>add files into a collection remotely, but the source files are not
>>saved, just the archive files. This is fine if you are only using the
>>collector, but you cannot go back to using the GLI.
>>If this is something that you really want to do, we may be able to help
>>you modify the code for the collector so that it saves the import
>>documents and doesn't delete them.
>>Katherine Don
>>Chaitra Rao wrote:
>>> I was wondering if I can use GSDL to upload new files into a Collection
>>>as a remote user,using the web interface? I tried using "The Collector"
>>>option on the web browser interface of GSDL,but it doesn't work.It doesn't
>>>upload the file although the "build' option seems to create the necessary
>>>options.Besides the files are not saved physically on the server where
>>>GSDL is located. Is it some bug or do I need to enable some more options
>>>to be able to do this?
>>> Please help ,it is urgent.Thanx in advance!
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