Re: [greenstone-users] Supercollection

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 05 Oct 2004 12:31:40 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Supercollection
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Hi Diego

> I have 3 indexed collection using PagedImgPlug and I want to cross
> search inside them. So, I add "supercollection col1 col2 col3" in
> collect.cfg from col col2 and col3. The case is that I only can search
> inside the collection selected from home page. In the preferences tab
> the 3 collections appeared selected. There is no error message and it
> seem to be all ok. Each collection is able to be searched alone, but not
> 3 together. Any help?
I have just tried this and it worked fine. When I did a search, I got
documents from all collections. The browsing lists (titles/dates etc)
will only show documents from the current collection though. We have
never implemented cross collection browsing, only cross collection
You need to make sure that exactly the same indexes are defined for each
If you think you have got everything right but it's still not working,
please send me your three config files, and one document from each
> The other question is about viewing documents: as I said the collection
> has been built using PagedImgPlug (tif files with associated raw text
> files). There are documents that show the message "Unexpected EOF in
> "text_get.c" on line 959" in some pages and no image is displayed. If I
> modify collect.cfg and delete [Text] option from "format DocumentText
> ..." line, then I can see the image correctly.
> If I search for a text that should appear in this page, I get the
> results ok, but no display is possible until I delete [Text] from format
> line.
So these documents do have some text? but it just can't be displayed?

Please send me a couple of bad documents (item and image and text files)
and your collect.cfg, and I will try it here.

> I□m using GS 2.51 and Windows Xp.

Katherine Don