[greenstone-users] User config.xml location and merge error

From Sullivan,Mark
DateMon Apr 26 22:48:40 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] User config.xml location and merge error
Where is the user's config.xml file located in a windows installation? I assume that if I delete this file, Greenstone will try to rebuild a new one?

Also, the merge capability causes issues when trying to revert to an earlier version of Greenstone. I accidently had Greenstone v2.8.3 installed on my development machine. I uninstalled it, and installed Greenstone v2.8.1 to match the version we have in production. When I tried to launch the GLI, it said it was merging user config.xml from version 2.8.3 to the new version. It hung there until I had to finally cancel it. When I relaunched the GLI, it now hangs prior to that point, while trying to launch it.

You may want to add some code into the new installers to handle this case in the future.

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