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From Biju R
DateTue Apr 20 21:21:56 2010
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Dear Mr. Hussain

Use* [sibling:exp.Author]* instead of [exp.Author] for displaying multiple

Preview the collection for results.

If you want to give line break between name of authors use *
Hope this will solve your problem.

FOR Greenstone Support for South Asia

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Subject: [greenstone-users] isis to gs
From: "Hussain KH" <hussain.rachana@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, April 7, 2010 15:57
To: "GreenStonr" <greenstone-users@list.scms.waikato.ac.nz>

Respected Users

I'm a new member.

I'm trying to publish an isis db using GreenStone. I've successfully
exploded, but when displaying only first author appearing. I have carefully
gone through related documents and tried exp.Author^all, but in vain.

I have tried the other way 'as is'. Then when applied ex.Author^all, all the

authors appear line by line. I want the same to happen with exploded
repeatable fields.

Warm regards


Hussain KH
Asst. Librarian
Kerala Forest Research Institute,
Peechi, Thrissur
Kerala, India

Dr. M.G. Sreekumar
(UNESCO Coordinator, Greenstone Support for South Asia)
Librarian & Head
Center for Development of Digital Libraries (CDDL)
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
IIMK Campus P.O., Calicut, Kerala - 673570, INDIA
Email : mgsree @iimk.ac.in
Web : http://greenstonesupport.iimk.ac.in
. . . : http://iimk.ac.in/mgsree.php
Phone - +91-9447654066 (HP); +91-495-2809140 (O)

Biju R
Library & Information Assistant
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
IIMK Campus PO
Kozhikode (Dist)
Kerala - 673 570
Phone: 0495 2809147
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